The Global Data-Intensive Grid Collaboration

"the spirit of alliance for hpc challenge @ sc 2003" 

World-Wide Grid

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Some General Requirements


  • Clusters, PCs, SMPs,. Supercomputers, Servers preferably running Unix-class OS (or even Windows, but they need to have .NET!)
  • Please allocate at least 100MB permanent (home) disk space for each account.
  • large scratch space is preferred.

Grid Middleware

All Unix-class Machines

  • Globus (version 2.4 (1st preference, 2.2 may also be acceptable) or above (3.0 is also OK, but early version is preferred for stability reason)). Globus 2.4 installation details can be found at : or Please install all packages (GSI, GRAM, info service, and data management) of globus 2.4 or above. 
  • One local account for each application and testbed coordinator mapped to grid certificates via gridmap file.
  • Accept user certificates issued by Globus CA and our application collaborators CA.
  • Gridbus Technologies (installation will be taken care by Gridbus team once you provide access to your hardware!)

Windows Machines (running .NET framework)

Other Software

All Unix-class Machines

  • It is preferable if your cluster is managed by one of the queuing systems such as PBS, Condor, SGE, and Platform LSF.
  • Usual developer tools: C compiler, gmake.  Java and JVM will be plus.
  • Usual OS utilities: tar, rm, etc!


  • firewalls - limited small range of ports for outbound connections from individual computing nodes (not necessarily the same across the whole network); ports will be opened for Globus and for applications
  • low bandwidth sufficient
If your machine is behind a firewall, open the following ports for listed machines:
 * Incoming and outgoing connection to ports:
  2135 - MDS (GRIS,GIIS)
  2119 - globus-gatekeeper
  2811 - gsiftp
  22   - ssh
  2222 - gsissh
  a port range as described in Globus and Firewalls

 from machines: (launching demo) (monitoring demo)  (Gridscape monitor machine)

Authorization to Access your Node

For Unix/Linux-based machines running Globus:
  • Each node should have at least 3 accounts sc2003[a-c] (i.e., sc2003a and so on).
  • Add the following entries to your grid-mapfile:
    "/O=Grid/O=Globus/ Buyya" sc2003a
    "/O=Grid/O=Globus/ Winton" sc2003b
    "/O=Grid/O=Belle/OU=People/CN=Lyle Winton" sc2003b
    "/O=Grid/O=BelleTestbed/OU=People/CN=Lyle Winton" sc2003b
    "/O=Grid/O=Globus/ Ranjan" sc2003c
  • Please email details of your host (e.g., hostname, OS)  to Jia Yu (testbed webpage contact).

  • You need to accept user-certificates issued by Globus CA, Spanish CA, also BelleGrid testbed CA (as indicated below).
For Windows-based machines running .NET and our Alchemi cluster software:
  • You only need to install Alchemi on machines running Windows and .NET software 
  • Once you install Alchemi as indicated in, please email us your  machine details.

Accepting User Certificates

  • Instructions on how to do it can be found for instance here

    All required files are also included in this zip file. Install them in the directory

    and your site will accept certificates issued by all the above CAs.
  • If your machine/Grid node certificate is issued by other CAs or your own CA, then we have to recognize your CA. Please send us your CA signing policy and CA certificate file to Jia Yu or the testbed coordinator with copy to Jia.


Please use Lyle's script to test your globus system. [Download Script]