Dear All,

Just an update on what is happening....

We are all here in Phoenix, USA and busy in demonstrating our collaboration
activities. Yesterday we gave demo of 6 applications using our Global Data-Intensive Grid Collaboration Testbed. It all went well. It is due to the efforts of all of you.

Just now we finished our formal presentation as one of the nominees for HPC Challenge Award. The final winners will be annouced tomorrow. At the end what is important is we have built a large community without we can continue to work and share ideas, software, applications, and even do some joint developments of Grid technologies.

The slides my talk can be downloaded from:
If I had missed including your name or company logo etc. in the silides or on the web, please let me and Jia Yu know so that we can update both the webpage and the slides of presentation.

Stay tuned...

We will update you on the final outcome once the results are annouced.

Thanks for your support and help.