Dear Friends,

Thank you all for your support and contribution to our HPC Challenge effort on:

      The Global Data-Intensive Grid Collaboration

Our collaborative Grid network now has over 200 nodes and we continue

to receive messages from new volunteers. Check out our collaboration webpage:
nodes list:
*Some nodes still have problems (they may have problems such as authentication or behind the firewall, or grid info service/job execution service etc. is not working). If current status of node is indicated as "Not OK/some error", please test your machines. My colleagues Jia Yu or Jon Smille or Lyle Winton or Benjamin will be able to help you.


Also, we have setup a live and interactive portal for our World-Wide Grid network.

Please check out:

[when you point at your node, click on it and a dialogue box appears with your node info]. BTW, we have nodes everywhere except Africa continent, if you know anybody there, please encourage them to contribute by downloading our Windows worker and installing on their Windows PC. (It is very very easy to install).

Kindly note that we are mainly maintaining the names of all contributors/participants at:
If you want us to include/list any of your team members who helped in Grid enabling your computers or helped with software/tools or we missed to include your members although we communicated with them, please email their names and email IDs to my colleague Jia Yu ( Also, if you notice any inconsistency or missing information on the web, please inform her (Jia) and she will update the website.

We have tested all working Gridnodes by deploying applications and more about them you will hear in near future. 

One new News: Our team has recently developed a Grid service ontop
of Microsoft.NET. The .NET based activity is called Alchemi. Please check out:
This basically helps us create a Grid node which is similar to SETI@Home.
We now have many volunteers who are contributing their desktop PC running Windows! That means you can also add your windows PC to the testbed.

The Gridbus Broker is able to simultaneously schedule/deploy applications on resources running Unix-class operating systems (such as Solaris, Linux, etc.) with Globus or desktop PCs running Windows/.NET with Alchemi. Some info on Gridbus broker can be found in the poster we just created:
[we are currently preparing a poster for our HPC Challenge, which we will put on the web soon]

Regarding the Demo:
  Our demo is scheduled as follows:
     1. We are likely to demo our work to HPC Challenge committee on

Nov 18 between 1pm-2pm (Arizona time)

     2. Nov 19: 11.30-12.30 is HPC challange formal talk

     3. We will also be demonstrating on all conference days in
our booth # 38 (University of Melbourne) at SC 2003 conference. If you are attending SC'03, please visit our booth. It will be great to see you and meet many of you for the first time!

 So, please keep your machines up and healthy upto Nov 21:-)


I will be reaching Phoenix on Nov 16 at 12noon & will be attending Grid03 workshop on Nov 17 and will also setting up our exhibit.

Please stay tuned and we will report our progress from USA!


Thanks again for your help and see you in Phoenix!



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