The Global Data-Intensive Grid Collaboration

"the spirit of alliance for hpc challenge @ sc 2003" 

World-Wide Grid

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                 New: Progress Report on HPC Challenge and a Thank you note from the Coordinator! 15/11/2003

                 New: Collaboration Mailing List

                 New: HPC Challenge presentation  

                 New: Progress Report on HPC Challenge from the Coordinator  20/11/2003

Open Invitation to Join the Collaboration

Dear Friend:

Welcome to the Global Data-Intensive Grid Collaboration!

We are pleased to invite you to join us and help meet Grid challenges.

The aim of this collaboration is to assemble applications, resources, and technologies of both tightly and loosely coordinated groups and institutions around the world in order to demonstrate the two HPC Challenges of SC 2003: Most Data-Intensive and Geographically Distributed Applications. This task is ambitious, but it is not impossible; we are confident of meeting it with the help of volunteers like you. The only requirement of being a member of this collaboration is that you are able to provide access to your Grid resources or even able to assist others with your expertise. We will share the outcomes (one of which will be winning the challenge itself) of this collaboration with all volunteers and participants. 

Please note that our Grid middleware supports both Windows and Unix-class machines.  You will be able to contribute your desktop PC idle cycles by installing Gridbus - Alchemi software.

If you need any specific clarification, please feel free to contact us.

We look forward hearing from you in the near future.

Thank you very much. 

The Team (which includes you when you join us!)


Visit us at SuperComputing 2003, Phoenix, USA!
November 15-21, 2003
Booth # 38 (University of Melbourne)