G-Monitor: Grid Resource Broker Portal for Managing and Monitoring Application Execution on Global Grids


As Grids are emerging as the next-generation computing platform, the development of Web-based portals that hide low level details of accessing Grid services for deployment and execution management of applications is a fast evolving area. Whilst we have seen many web based portals developed for the grid environment, most interface the low-level grid middleware. These portals provide an easy to use interface they miss out on recent developments which have been made at the broker level. G-Monitor was developed to interface at the Grid Resource Broker (GRB) and provide the user with the ability to not only monitor, control, and steer execution of application jobs on Global Grids but to provide functionality such as Grid level resource discovery, grid economy, scheduling algorithms based on grid economy.

G-Monitor provides the user with a ubiquitous interface which can be used in any location to access any broker system the user desires. The user only needs access to a web browser and with it they are able to fully utilize the functionality provided by G-Monitor. As G-Monitor is a web-based portal the user does not have to worry about setting up SSH or exporting X displays, which can all be made more complicated depending on their firewall settings.

G-Monitor can interact with either the Gridbus or Nimrod G brokers GRB (Grid Resource Broker). These brokers use low-level services provided by low-level middleware such as Globus and Legion.

It provides a consistent interface that is easy to use, enabling the end-user to monitor, control, and steer execution of application jobs running within the Grid environment. With the use of a web browser the user is able to fully utilize the functionality of G-Monitor outlined in the Main feature section. See below:

Main features

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